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What Is Granite Sealing?

If we want to know more about granite, then we have to get back to its nature, where it came from, and how it is processed from the minute it is mined and all the way until it reaches our kitchens. Simply, granite is an Earth’s crust rock that has been brought up to the Earth’s surface through the eruption of volcanoes all over the world. Thus, granite, as a rock, can be porous which grows up the fear of letting in liquid causing stains. Here is when granite sealing comes. Hence, we seal granite with a protective layer to prevent future liquid of passing through the pores in the granite rock and causing stains. Even though some people claim that granite is totally nonporous, this is not true regarding most granite types. In fact, granite is even sealed for the first time just after it is mined from quarries and during processing. Nonetheless, some granite types do not require sealing at all which of course adds a lot to their price.

When To Start Thinking About Sealing Your Granite Worktop?

As we said earlier, granite is already sealed during its processing and just before it reaches your place. Therefore, you will not have to carry the burden of sealing your granite worktop sooner than a year or two after the installation of your granite worktop. Especially when you order your granite worktop from a reputable and trusted company. In that case, you can trust that your granite is sealed perfectly and you can sleep rest assured for two more years without thinking about the sealing dilemma. Otherwise, it is wise to seal your granite worktop every year.

Before You Start Sealing

Although you know that you will have to seal your granite worktop sometime between a year or two, you should not start on with the sealing unless you are sure that your granite worktop needs to be sealed. Thus, here is an efficient, quick, and easy way to know whether you should start the sealing process or your granite worktop is perfectly protected.

Paper Towel Test:

  1. Get a plain paper towel (it has to be plain with no prints or colours)
  2. Soak your paper towel in water
  3. Place the soaked paper towel on your granite worktop
  4. Wait for 5 minutes
Result: If you see a dark patch on the spot you placed the soaked paper towel, this means that water was soaked into your granite worktop. Thus, you need to start sealing your granite surface. Check out this photo for what you should be observing in your paper towel test:

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