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Wooden Chopping Board CB11_1

(CB11) Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden Chopping Board CB02_1

(CB02) Wooden Chopping Board

Plumbing Kit WP235_1

Plumbing Kit WP235

Plumbing Kit WP107_1

Plumbing Kit WP107

Main Bowl Wire Basket WB03_1

(WB03) Main Bowl Wire Basket

Main Bowl Wire Basket WB02_1

(WB02) Main Bowl Wire Basket

Main Bowl Colander R25 CL10_1

(CL10) Main Bowl Colander- Handmade

Main Bowl Basket WB09_1

(WB09) Main Bowl Basket

Half Bowl Colander CL03_1

(CL03) Half Bowl Colander

Glass Chopping Board BP13_1

(BP13) Glass Chopping Board

Main Bowl Colander R25 CL10

(CL13) Main Bowl Colander- Pressed

Waste kit

Waste Kit

Barkeepers Friend

Barkeepers friend


Purchasing a kitchen sink might be a challenging task if you are not familiar with its types and advantages. In order to make the informed decision on kitchen sinks it may be a good idea to research and consult the experts at Granite4Less. It is necessary that before making a purchase its category of care and maintenance must be thoroughly checked. Today if you browse the market then you will find that kitchen sink designs are quite evolved from past a few years that makes them ideal for every purpose.

Whatever design or style you choose in kitchen sink it is necessary that it must compliment the kitchen interiors as your choice can essentially affects the way your kitchen functions. Soapstone, ceramic kitchen sinks, Vitreous china sinks, granite sinks are some of the choices in material that people choose for their interiors. Each and every material available for kitchen and bathroom sinks possess unique qualities like smoothness, easy to care, rust free etc. But in order to make smart buying decision you need to compare all available choices with the intensity of your daily kitchen chores.

At Granite4Less you will discover all the latest designs and material that are in trend. You can find unmatched quality in texture, colour and types in kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Copper
  3. Acrylic
  4. Granite
  5. Cast Iron

Types of Bathroom Sinks

  1. Under Mount
  2. Pedestal
  3. Vessel
  4. Console
  5. Vanity
  6. Wall Hung

These are some of the common types in kitchen and bathroom sinks that you can easily find at Granite4Less. Sinks are considered the workhorse of the kitchen that is used to rinse and clean the dishes. In order to make the interior more attractive and functional it is necessary that you choose a sink matches up with your interiors.

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