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Sprucing up the kitchen interiors with quartz countertops

Thinking whether you should go with granite or quartz countertops? Let us help you in finding the most elegant addition for your kitchen interiors. We understand that investing in a kitchen worktop is one big decision that needs good market research on all available options. If you are looking for elegance, durability, robustness and cost effectiveness in one then there is no option that can take down quartz countertops. Today you will have several natural stone worktops in the market but among these natural stone collections you will find one mesmerizing beauty in engineered stones and that is quartz.

How quartz countertop is better than other natural stone worktops?

This is one basic question that we advise every homeowner to think about before finalising their choice on kitchen countertops. We understand that every homeowner look for durability, elegance and cost effectiveness in their kitchen countertop. This is the reason that quartz countertops getting popular over natural stone worktops as people start realizing that they are getting excellent quality in best price.

Quartz countertops cleaning

Adding a kitchen worktop to your interiors means adding one more item for cleaning chore. Moreover, this does not mean that we will ignore the significance of kitchen counters. However, we can give you an opportunity to buy easy to clean and easy to maintain option in kitchen countertops. We know as important as elegance and durability for you in kitchen worktops as essential it's cleaning and maintenance. As compared to marble or granite worktops quartz offer you a complete mind peace solution.

No more sealer application after every 4-5 years or doing aggressive cleaning after every kitchen chore. All you need mild soapy solution and soft scrub to clean your quartz countertops fortnightly. On daily basis you can enjoy your kitchen worktop cleaning simply by wiping off its surface with soft scrub saturated in water.

Variegated colour options in quartz countertops

If you are looking for such options in quartz kitchen worktop colours that can add flamboyance to your interiors, gives you years of durability and without breaking your bank then we can think of one name only & that is quartz countertops. Following is a quick overview on popular colours and shades in quartz worktops:

  • Concreto (Plain dark grey)
  • Gallassia (Black with gold fleck)
  • Tempesta (Dark Grey with mirror fleck)
  • Nero Metallo (Black with zinc metal)
  • Cocoa (Brown with mirror fleck)
  • Blu Luminoso (Blue with mirror fleck)
  • Sabbia (Plain cream)
  • Multicolore Pearla (Off white/light grey with fossils)
  • Artico (Plain brilliant white)

Our belief is to provide the best to our customers who are searching for better quality at affordable price. Most of the buyers of kitchen worktops think that quartz or granite is among those a few options that they cannot imagine to afford. But this is their delusion as we have numerous budget options in quartz countertops that can help you spice up your kitchen interiors.

Our entire range on quartz worktops offer same quality that you expect in your kitchen countertop. The only difference is our price range that is quite affordable as compared to quartz retailers in UK.

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