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How to Install a Sink into Your Granite Worktop?

Before putting their hard earned pounds, most people usually google everything about granite and make sure that all the features they want in a worktop is, in fact, spelling out the word granite. Yet, the first thing that anyone asks about before buying a granite worktop for their kitchen is usually: “For how many years will it stay shiny and in shape?” and the answer is definitely:”forever”. Probably this issue and the hesitation regarding granite is always brought up because some people still cannot accept the fact that granite is a rock that is actually worth an arm and a leg. Yet, granite’s incomparable durability, elegance, and hardness have succeeded in amazing the human race.

Installing Sink into Granite

Granite is Your Lifetime Investment

Therefore, you can imagine why installing a granite worktop in your kitchen can cost you beyond your means. Plainly, when bringing your house a granite countertop, you are not only paying for a chic surface for your kitchen. In fact, you are also paying for the mining, re-shaping, transportation, cutting, sealing, and polishing of a rare stone. Anyhow, this does not mean that a granite worktop is a dream hard to reach. You can easily indulge yourself and your family with a granite worktop with the least effort.

How Difficult Can Granite Installation Be!

Yet, this is not what drives some people away from installing a granite masterpiece in their kitchen and let themselves enjoy the luxurious feeling and atmosphere it adds to the place. There is a word that sounds a lot like Dracula to people’s ears when mentioned. Installation. Yes, most people get the goose bumps when the word installation passes their mind. Mainly because when they look at how perfectly a granite worktop is flowing with the sink and the kitchen’s design as if they were built together, they believe that installing such a worktop is something that takes ages. However, this is a total misconception regarding granite worktops and sinks! In fact, installing a granite worktop only takes one day.

What might be more surprising for you is to know that installing a sink into your already built granite worktop is something you can do for yourself without having to hire anyone. In fact, installing a sink into your granite worktop is like taking candy from a baby. All you have to do is read the next few lines and we will take you through installing a sink into your already built granite worktop step by step.

To begin with, there are two main points that need your full attention in order to get a perfectly and neatly installed sink in your granite surface. First you have to make sure that your granite worktop is perfectly sealed because sealing adds extra hardness to the granite surface. Second, when you buy your sink you have to make sure that it is a drop-in style sink. Thus, insuring an easy, successful installation process that you can do on your own.

How to Install a Sink?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a sink into your previously existing granite worktop (a one that has a hole for the sink of course!). Including what type of sink you need and how to take the measurements.

  1. Measure the sink opening in your existing granite countertop

  2. Measure Sink

  3. Use those measurements when you are buying your new sink and make sure to get a top-mounted sink
  4. Lift your sink over and hold it in a way that makes it easier for you to reach all of its sides from beneath
  5. Apply a polyurethane sealant beneath the edges on all sides of the sink
  6. apply sealer

  7. Now flip the sink back and move it carefully over your granite countertop then center so that it falls into the opening of the countertop
  8. Use clear silicone caulk to attach the sink and the countertop at the rim of the sink
  9. Now apply pressure on the edges where the sink and countertop attaches to ensure a secured seal
  10. Apply Caulk and Press Down

  11. Clean any residues of sealant or silicone caulk on the edges at the top of your sink using a towel
  12. Leave it to dry
  13. Enjoy your newly installed sink!
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