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How to Seal Your Granite Worktop?

Undoubtedly, there are so many questions that pass by your mind when it comes to the granite-sealing topic. Specifically, can you seal your granite worktop or you need to call up the experts to do it. Well, here comes the beauty of granite. Unlike most other materials that require maintenance that can only done through experts, which means extra pounds, time and effort, you can easily start sealing your granite surfaces just after reading those next few lines. Let us get started.

Sealing Process

You will need:
  1. Granite Cleaner
  2. Granite Sealer
  3. Dry towel

First Step: Applying Cleaner

  1. Clean your granite worktop by spraying the granite cleaner on its surface
  2. Applying Cleaner

  3. Wipe your granite surface with a dry towel thoroughly
  4. Swiping Cleaner with a cloth

  5. Leave it to completely dry for 5 minutes

Second Step: Applying Sealer

  1. Spray the granite sealer evenly on your granite worktop

  2. Applying Sealer

  3. Leave it for 20-25 minutes so that your granite worktop absorbs the sealer
  4. worktop absorbs the sealer

  5. Spray the granite sealer once more just before the sealer from the first time gets dry then wipe it thoroughly with the dry towel
  6. Spray the granite sealer once more

  7. Apply the sealer one more time by following the previous steps after at least two hours (or as written on your granite sealer instructions)
  8. Spray the sealer after at least two hours again

That is it! You now have a brand new granite worktop, sealed, sparkling, and stain resistant. In less than 30 minutes and without having to hire someone to do the job for you, your granite worktop’s maintenance is successfully done. Now the question is how easier can it get if it is not for granite?

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