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Granite suitable for Flooring

Installing granite tiles for your floors might be one of the best decisions you could make for your household as it has a variety of colors, patterns and mineral grains. The beauty of granite will add a beautiful touch to your home that will mesmerize you and everybody else that enters your home. Granite tile is also very heavy and extremely difficult to scratch. It can withstand just about all the abuse you can throw at it. It is ideal for flooring and exterior applications.

If you're installing it on floors, make sure that the subflooring is solid, with no flex. Granite tile is strong, but like any stone product it can crack if put under tension. A hollow spot under a granite tile or a flexing subfloor can cause the tile to bend and crack. Be sure all low spots on the floor beneath the granite tile are filled and any high spots are ground down. You want the subfloor to be in the same plane.

    Absolute Black

Absolute Black

It is a sleek and stylish black field tile with mineral deposits in cool black. Field tiles are the main tile used any application. Dimension stone is a natural stone such as this granite that has been cut and finished. The polished finish will have a high luster and strong reflection of incandescent light. Try it indoors on floors or walls in living rooms and baths or try it as a counter top or on a fireplace surround. It basically looks great anywhere you decide to install it, as after all black will always be the queen of all colors.

    Bianco Catalina Granite

This granite is mostly preferable to be used whether indoor or outdoor applications, but mostly for flooring as itís color and mixture of design makes it suitable for flooring applications. It is subtle speckled black, gray and white durable granite. This granite may be also used with freezing temperatures, countertops, landscaping, and walls.

    Indian Dakota Granite Tile

It is medium variation brown granite from India with darker veins and slight highlights. This durable polished granite is available in both tiles and slabs and recommended for all interior and exterior projects including landscaping, flooring, backsplashes and countertops. Its unique mixture of colors makes it preferable to be used for flooring as it wonít be the usual kind or color of flooring you would normally see anywhere.

    Tan Brown Granite Tile

Absolute Black

Combined of a crisp charcoal gray field tile with dashes of amber in a fleuri cut. Field tiles are the main tile used any application. Fleuri cutting is cutting across the grain of stone, giving the appearance of flowering within the stone. The polished finish will have a high luster and strong reflection of incandescent light, which is why it is preferred for outdoor flooring.

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