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Suitable Granite for Exterior Construction

Granite is one of the leading materials used for construction and countertops. We believe there are a lot of upstanding qualities that makes it worthwhile and long lasting. Although it may seem pricey, actually its characteristics make it worth your time, effort and money. Granite is extracted from volcanoes or from the Earth’s crust, and thanks to our new progress in life, technology gives us the ability to transform this rock into whatever design and shape you want.

Granite is the Right Choice

This volcanic rock is the best choice for exterior construction because it is reliable, solid and it has great strength. It also has a long lasting effect and it is a natural polisher, giving it a pure shiny and clean appearance. To clean the granite surface, all you need is a rag, some lukewarm water and occasionally a mild detergent. As for the natural polish, it is a particular characteristic that naturally gives a shiny and bright look. Nothing to worry about! Also, this rock is also immune to any chips and scratches, along with bacterial and fungal infections.

A very essential advantage is that it doesn’t absorb residue or liquids into its essence or core of the granite. It also has the ability to outlast most, unlike the other materials used for exterior construction. It also absorbs sunlight, which in the pro section, involving granite’s advantages for the exterior construction.

Types of Granite:

Prior to what people believe, granite is not a sandy-coloured, rough material. That is the origin of the granite, however, it has many colours and just as many designs. For exterior constructions, there are a lot of selection based on the environment. One of the options and found to be the most commonly approved by our previous clients, is Sienna Romana. The white, creamy colour is great for an environment that is light and spacey. The pattern of Sienna Romana is made to blend in with any colour and mix with the surroundings.

The same thing is with Sea Foam Green, the colour is grassy green, made perfectly for summer days. The green blends in with the colours of trees and forests. As for the design, there is an outline of trees and the texture of it is like leaves on a tree branch. Our team of designers wanted to give the Sea Foam Green a realistic feel to it.

Finally, the last type that is most popular with our clients is, Typhoon Bordeaux. Typhoon Bordeaux is one of our bold decisions to put in the market. The colour is brick red, very daring, unlike the other two. We were quite surprised by the outcome, however the trend this year is bold and audacious, and we are one with the trends. The pattern or the design of Typhoon Bordeaux is a lay-out of a typhoon, giving the look of the wall or the flooring, into a subtle whirlpool of red.

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