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Granite: The Best for Your Bathrooms

Bathroom Granite

Itís a bright morning and you have to get ready for work. You stumble out of bed, hair a mess and groggy eyes. You walk to your kitchen and start making your coffee, that jolt of caffeine is what you need to wake you up. You drink your first sip of coffee and feel alert and more importantly, awake. You walk to your bathroom, towel in hand, to shower, brush your teeth, your daily routine. You step into the bathroom, and a bathroom tile chips and breaks off the floor, leaving a hole in your beautiful, white-tiled floor. Or was it beautiful? You take a good look at your bathroom floor and you were wrong, it was nowhere near beautiful. There were more than a few chipped tiles and some tiles are broken off at the edges. You sigh, you decide after work, youíre going to go to the department store and look for bathroom tiles samples. Itís time to change your bathroom tiles.

Why Granite?

Granite is proven to be the best material to use for bathroom tiles, according to our team of specialists and our previous clients. They say it is the recommended material for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and kitchen and bathroom tiles. It is also the most reliable and dependant mineral used in countertops and tiles.

Granite is the most recommended because of all of its outstanding qualities. Granite is a thick rock that emerges from volcanoes and from the Earthís core. Although, it is extracted in blocks, new technology can cut it and design it to your liking. The rock is known to be enduring to immeasurable pressure and heat, and can handle them for long periods of time. It is also prominent for its long lasting effect, it can last for your whole life and you wonít need to change it.

Granite also is not very hard to clean, the easiest mineral to clean, unlike the others. All you need is a mop or a rag, lukewarm water and occasionally a mild detergent; thatís all you need to get the job done. Also, you donít need to polish anything, granite is a natural polisher. It will remain bright and shiny like the very first day you installed it. You donít have to worry about bacterial or fungal infections either, this volcanic-based rock is built as an intrinsic exterminator.

And Last, but Not LeastÖ

A very common problem faced by homeowners and office-owners alike, are that countertops and tiles absorb liquids which leaves it damp and dull. With granite, that wonít be a problem. This rock doesnít absorb liquids, nor does it let the residue seep into its essence. It is also scratch-resistant and immune to any damages (superficial or not) to the surface. Tierra Santa and El Cajon are the best of the granite types, they are the most suitable for the bathroom and kitchen tiles.

We strongly believe that you should choose granite for your kitchen\bathroom countertops or tiles, the reliable and solid strength this stone offers is to be found nowhere else. So, if you choose granite, you are definitely making a smart choice.

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