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Granite Colours

We continue to add to our expanding range of new granite colours.

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Classic Granite Colours

Classic Granite Colours

Bespoke Granite Colours

Bespoke Granite Colours

Exotic Granite Colours

Exotic Granite Colours

Classic Granite Worktop Colours

Leopard White Granite Worktop

Leopard White

Giallo Amazon Granite Worktop

Giallo Amazon

Black Sea Wave Granite Worktop

Black Wave

Angolan Black Granite Worktop

Angolan Black

granite colours

Bespoke Granite Worktop Colours

Ivory Cream Granite Worktop

Ivory Cream

Brown Shivakashi Granite Worktop

Brown Shivakashi

Cosmic Black Granite Worktop

Cosmic Black

River White Granite Worktop

River White

Zimbabwe Black Granite Worktop

Zimbabwe Black

Antique Brown Granite Worktop

Antique Brown

Granite Worktop

Nero Impala

Giallo Ornamental Granite Worktop

Giallo Ornamental

Kerala Green Granite Worktop

Kerala Green

Norden Grey Granite Worktop

Norden Grey

Peacock Green Granite Worktop
Prada Gold Granite Worktop

Prada Gold

Via Lactea Granite Worktop

Via Lactea

Exotic Granite Worktop Collection

Quartz Worktop Colours

Artico Quartz Bianco Luminoso Quartz Bianco Grigio Quartz Multicolore Pearla Quartz
Plain brilliant white
Bianco Luminoso
White with mirror fleck
Bianco Grigio
White with small grey flecks
Multicolore Pearla
Off white/light grey with fossils
Luna Quartz Crema Roma Quartz Biscotti Quartz Sabbia Quartz
Yellow with mirror fleck
Crema Roma
Cream with stone pebbles
Beige with mirror fleck
Plain cream
Crema Pearla Quartz Caramello Quartz Cappucino Quartz Brunastro Quartz
Crema Pearla
Cream with pearls
Caramel with mirror fleck
Light brown
Dk grey/lt brown (slight pattern)
Platino Quartz Grigio Luminoso Quartz Concreto Quartz Grigio Natura Quartz
Light grey with mirror fleck
Grigio Luminoso
Grey with mirror fleck
Plain dark grey
Grigio Natura
Grey/brown with mottle effect
Tempesta Quartz STARLIGHT NERO Quartz Gallassia Quartz Nero Metallo Quartz
Dark Grey with mirror fleck
Black with mirror fleck
Black with gold fleck
Nero Metallo
Black with zinc metal
Rossi Luminoso Quartz Cocoa Quartz Grigio Metallo Quartz
Rossi Luminoso
Red with mirror fleck
Brown with mirror fleck
Grigio Metallo
Grey with zinc metal
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Granite is one unique category in natural stones that adds warmth to interiors when used as worktops, tabletop, flooring or wall adornment. It not only exhibits strong characteristics of durability and hardness but is also known for enticing colour schemes that easily blend in with every interior. At Granite4Less you will find hundreds of different colours in granite stone that come from a number of regions of the world.

Black, brown, yellow and green are some of the common colours that are easily available in every other store of granite in United Kingdom but if you are looking for quite rare as well as exotic and in turn inexpensive colours in granite then Granite4Less is your one stop shop. In several granite retail showrooms you will find that granite categorized into different levels depending upon their colour and location from where they are extracted. But at Granite4Less we offer all kinds of granite without dividing them in levels because we thrive to build honest and accountable relationship with all our customers.

We have divided our entire colour range of granite and quartz stone under two categories standard colours and bespoke colours that are designed after a careful customer research and latest trends that homeowners prefer in these stones.

Standard Granite worktop colours

Baltic brown, Absolute Nero, Star Galaxy, Blue Pearl, Black Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Kashmere Gold and several others.

Bespoke Granite Worktop Colours

Giallo Fiorito, Nero Zimbawe, Giallo Veniziano, Shivakshi, Verde Ubatuba and numerous other enticing colours and shades.

Among all kinds of intrusive igneous rocks granite is the only one that is available in hundreds of different shades. The reason behind its wide colour scheme is its chemical arrangement that is found to be different in every piece of granite stone. Among all available minerals alkali-feldspar is responsible for different colours in granite as it is available in pink to blue to black colour pigment.

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