Care and maintenance of worktops

Polishing and cleaning granite

We all want our kitchen flawless, we want the floors to be shiny, we want our walls to be stacked in neat piles and we want our countertop surfaces to be so clean, you can see your reflection. However, the only way to achieve that atmosphere is that you have to take proper care and maintenance. This article is all about care and maintenance towards granite countertop surfaces.

In order to guarantee a lasting effect of your granite countertop surface, you must take proper action of care and maintenance. However, if there are any incorrect applications involved, it can not restored by any kind of care or maintenance. This means that you should carefully choose the right components for your particular reason. The natural stones that exist at the moment are immeasurable; there are too many kinds of natural stones, as well as their differences in strength, their hardness, their unyielding to acid and residue, and finally their reaction to water absorption.

Granite's Famous Features:

Granite is one of the newest materials that are used in the installation company. Although granite is new to the installation industry, it is proven by our clients to be one of the favourable components because of the characteristics that granite has. This Earth-based rock has a lot of feature that are different to other components. One of the most important qualities is that granite can handle immeasurable heat and pressure, a very vital quality in the kitchen. So the granite can handle hot pots and pans, along with pressure from the stove. Also, granite is very sanitary; it cannot be affected by any bacterial and fungal infections or contaminations.

Another important attribute concerning granite, is its essence. By having granite as your countertop surface, it adds value to your home. Something most people assume is that granite has only one colour and one pattern, that is not true. Granite comes in all shades and is offered in different patterns. We even have some clients who give us their specific design and we apply it to the granite countertop with just a few rearrangements, as to fit in the surface layout.

Something You Need To Know: Right After Installing

Whether you are the architect, designer, contractor, or homeowner, when you have made the choice for your countertop surface, you have to know that care and maintenance are the priority of the granite countertop. A fact you should know about stoned surfaces that are polished, the more the surface is abstained from rough and brash particles, and then the possibility of scratches and the polish to be erased from the surface is decreased.

After installing your natural stone, it is essential and very vital that you thoroughly and meticulously clean your cement mortar residue immediately after the installation. If you installed a new floor, wall or countertop surface, then you must cure it for 4 to 6 weeks. In the that duration, you must avoid any cleaning products that contain grease, soap or wax; you mustn't use any of the mentioned above because it will close the pores of the stone and refrain from the stone to evaporate the moisture from the setting bed. Discreet spots and rims could be found, if the surface was sealed during the time of the curing.

What We Have To Offer?

Our firm has a lot of things to offer, something that will help you when you take care of your granite countertop surface. We offer different types of granite cleaners and granite polishing kits that make the polishing and cleaning job easier. In the polishing kit and the cleaning products don't contain any bleach as to it may ruin the core of the countertop and graze the surface.

Absolute Black

Our cleaning products such as Worktop Clean, doesn't need you to mix or form the paste. It is already made, all you have to do is spray on the area that needs cleaning and wipe with a dry rag. If the stain or spot is brash such as an oil spill, it is preferred to spray more than once and apply more than one coat of the cleaning product.

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