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Franke Sinks

Franke Kitchen systems are one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen sinks and accessories in stainless steel, granite and several other materials. At Granite4Less you will find a wide collection of Franke kitchen and bathroom sinks besides other kitchen solutions as we are one of the authorized dealers of Franke Kitchen systems in United Kingdom.

Sinks are considered essential element when it comes to kitchen interiors. It is one place where dishes are rinsed and cleaned so decide your choice on sinks after comparing it with your kitchen chores.

In the market you will find several different kinds of material in kitchen sinks like porcelain, ceramic, aluminium, copper and stainless steel. Each above mentioned material in sinks has benefits but stainless steel sinks offer numerous different advantages.

  1. Stainless steel is immune to rust when it comes in contact with water.
  2. They do not easily corroded by the chemicals.
  3. They are not least expensive sinks but are less expensive as compare to other sink options.
  4. If your kitchen interiors have stainless steel appliances like oven, refrigerator etc then buying the stainless steel sinks will complete the look of your kitchen.
  5. They do not chip and have appreciable degree of durability.

Why Consider Franke Sinks?

Franke kitchen systems are the leading name in stainless steel and granite sinks that offer stylish and classic range in kitchen solutions.

  1. They are made up of acrylic resin and stain resistant non porous granite.
  2. These sinks have a rigid overflow pipe that makes them easy to clean simply by pouring boiling water.
  3. All kinds of Franke sinks are available as right hand or left hand drainer.
  4. The sinks available under this brand have linen finish that makes them more resistant to scratches.
  5. All the stainless steel sinks at Franke kitchen systems are fire, corrosion and heat resistant. Moreover they remain hygienic for long term.

Choices in Franke Sinks at Granite4Less

We keep good and appreciable range of Franke sinks that are currently company is supplying in the market. Some of the popular categories in Franke sinks are:

  1. Undermounts and Countertop-mount Sinks
  2. Drop-on Sinks
  3. Inset Sinks

When it comes to durability and attractiveness then what could be better option than Franke sinks as they are the pioneer in providing the kitchen solutions. Granite4Less renowned for quality and commitment and that is why we offer authentic and certified Franke sinks to customers. We also deal in taps, ceramic and Fragranite sinks besides stainless steel sinks.

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