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My Quartz Countertop Has A Crack In It

Imagine that you have just discovered a crack in your precious quartz countertop. It doesnít have to be the end of the world. Although quartz is a durable and tough, accidents do happen. And sometimes, you are the 1 in million who gets finds a crack in your quartz worktop. Relax, you may not be the luckiest person on this planet, but you certainly can be the smartest. It is a matter of knowing all there is to know about the so called ďrare quartz cracksĒ. Not all cracks will require professional help. Minor cracks can easily be resolved by some home remedies, while deep fractures would most probably need professional restoration.

Fix Crack in Quartz

How Can Quartz Worktops Crack?

Quartz is a very tough and hard stone. It may withstand a lot of force, but mishaps can happen. It is important to know what might cause quartz to crack. Heavy objects that produce a tough impact on the worktop may produce cracks. Faulty installation may also produce cracks. The improper installation is the most frequent cause of quartz cracks. Moreover, the custom designed cutouts for sinks can lead to cracks. The cracks usually take place in mostly near seams, sinks or cooktops. There is no quartz worktop that can be free of seams. It is just a matter of getting the seams well made. The areas that are more prone to cracks are the edges and the inside corners of the quartz countertop.

When Do You Need To Contact Your Contractor?

You may need to contact your contractor if your quartz worktop is under 1 year old. In a lot of cases, your quartz countertop may still be covered under its warranty. Your contractor may repair it or even replace it for free. This is call worth making.

How Can You Repair A Crack By Yourself?

It is important to understand what crack can you repair yourself and what crack is out of your league. Small hairline cracks can be easily repaired and donít require professional intervention. Super glue can do the trick. Fill the crack carefully with the super glue and allow it to completely dry out. Any excess glue can be easily removed with a razor blade.

For deeper cracks, you will need a quartz repair kit. The repair kit contains the matched color of epoxy resin. It is an extremely strong adhesive agent which will perfectly repair any cracks.

When Will You Need Professional Help?

Deep and surface level cracks always need professional restoration. Although, seeking professional help may come in at a high price, it is nothing compared to replacing the whole countertop. Your precious quartz countertop is worth the price. Repairing it would be a less expensive option and moreover an eco-friendly one. It is important to take the right decision. Donít take the easy way out and buy a new countertop. The easy way out may not always be the cheap way out.

Donít Change Your Mind About Quartz

Donít let the ghost of those rare cracks get to you. Quartz is still a perfect option for kitchen and bathroom countertops. You may have your countertop for a decade and not encounter chipping or cracking incidents. Quartz is highly durable and can stay good as new for years. Scratches are also out of the picture with quartz countertops. Again, you may not face any of these small cases. It is just a matter of preparing yourself for the worst. And in this case, the worst may not be too bad after all. Donít let the fear of cracks make you miss out of the elegance and comfort that comes with quartz worktops.

How Can We Help?

Since we will only give you the best quality quartz it is highly unlikely for our quartz worktops to crack. However, in case these cracks happen, we guarantee to fix any cracks free of charge. We can also fix the cracks in your worktop regardless of where you originally got it with incredibly low prices. Let us restore the beauty of your quartz worktop. We guarantee fast, easy and cheap services. There are no hidden costs anywhere. Give us a call now and enjoy our friendly and professional services. Grab your phone right now.

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