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Granite Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance are important factors in guaranteeing a stone's lasting beauty. Incorrect applications can never be restored by care and maintenance; therefore, it is important to carefully choose the appropriate material for your particular purpose. The existing natural stones seem to be countless, as are their differences in compressive strength, abrasive hardness, acid resistance, skid resistance, water absorption, etc.

Once you, the Architect, Designer, Developer, Contractor or Homeowner have made the right choice, care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. In reference to the polished surface of any stone, please keep in mind that the more the surface is kept free of abrasive particles, the less likely it is to scratch or lose its polish.

A thorough clean-up of cement mortar residue immediately following the installation of your natural stone is essential. A newly installed floor/wall must be cured from 4-6 weeks. During this time, do not use any cleaner containing greasy soap or wax, since this will close the pores of the stone and restrict the evaporation of moisture from the setting bed. Unsightly rims and spots on the stone surface would result if the surface were sealed prior to curing.

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