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Marble for your bathroom

Marble and Limestone for your Bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Vanity Tops

Clean, stylish and enduring, our natural stone vanity tops allow you to create beautiful vanity and shelving areas.

Bathroom Marble

Walls & Cladding

Have you had enough of tile grouting? Get a unique and fresh look for your bathroom.

Marble bath surrounds

Bath Surrounds

Our bathroom surrounds offer a unique blend of warmth and luxury certain to complement any bathroom suite.

Marble shower trays

Shower Trays

With straight and sleek lines, these shower trays get your shower looking stylish, modern and elegant.

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Exquisite Marble for Your Bathroom

Are you an admirer of marble? Do you find its unique colours and patterns fabulous? Do you want your bathroom to look luxurious? Are you thinking of having some (or loads) of marble in your home? We can help you with that. Granite4less has an amazing line; It is exceptional and you will not find a better place to meet your needs.

For years, marble is the most popular choice for home owners. Its natural design will brighten up any any room it is placed in. It has strength to withstand the pressure of time and steam which makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms.

Another way to go would be limestone. It is another popular choice that home owners desire in order to get that natural and sophisticated look. We have it all for you at Granite4less, from vanity tops to shower trays.

Marble or Limestone? We have both.

A great way to design a restroom would be to first start with the vanity tops. It is the second most used part in the room. With yo u placing your daily products and your daily routine into it, your vanity tops should reflect and endure it all. A marble or limestone top has a clear and stylish appearance that will help keep your bathroom looking clean whiles its strength and durability will allow you to have it around for a long time without worrying about its condition. We can provide you with this natural stone (whichever you choose) for vanity tops to make your room beautiful.

A matching shower tray will compliment this perfectly. By having a marble shower tray, you are guaranteed to have straight and sleek lines that will prove that sophistication in a bathroom. These shower trays, made to measure, will give your shower an elegant, stylish and modern appearance.

Add Sophistication to your Bathroom

Are you tired of regular tiles for your walls and floors? Do you want something else for your morning eyes? Give your bathroom a fresh, new look with marble tiles. Revive the place with a natural stone flooring and cladding.

We have a collection of great marble bath surrounds that is sure to offer a unique mixture of warmth and lavishness to harmonise your washroom. Bath surrounds with bring a natural blend to keep it in line with your design scheme.

Why stop there? How about using this elegant stone on your bathroom walls? They would be the ideal centerpiece and final touch in your bathroom, whether it is the only slab or it is paired with our marble fixture. You cannot go wrong with classy marble walls to add a dash of glamour.

No Need to Worry About Prices

This glamorous natural stone, with its luxurious nature, may appear to most home owners as an expensive investment but they are not what they seem. We are able to provide our customers with a great deal on marble and limestone without having them break into a bank. Our prices are unique to the other suppliers as we get ours directly from many quarries around the world. We have a diverse collection that it unattainable by other companies because of our exclusive deals with the quarries. If you still have any questions, contact us on 0330 999 1 888 and we will provide you with the answers.

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