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Take a look at the Classic Quartz collection.

Quartz worktops provide durability & elegance to your kitchen

Durability, elegance, colour variation, high temperature tolerance are some of the attributes that defines quartz worktops. Today you will find wide array of choices in kitchen worktops but when it comes to getting the cost effectiveness along durability and elegance then quartz worktops cannot be ignored. It is a number one choice among millions of homeowners in UK. Moreover, with quartz countertops you do not have to worry about aggressive cleaning chores and periodic maintenance.

What is quartz?

Earth's continent is abundant with different types of minerals and quartz is one among them. Primarily, quartz is available as white or colourless mineral containing silicon dioxide (SO2). Quartz crystals are extracted from igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Types of quartz worktops

There are several different brands in the market manufacturing variegated styles in quartz worktops. Unlike other natural stone worktops quartz is not quarried as large chunks but as granules. These grains of quartz are further processed to produce an engineered kitchen countertop of granite. Every manufacturer uses the same patented process to produce quartz worktops.

The basic quality of quartz kitchen countertops is to be scratch and heat resistant. As we know that quartz kitchen tops are engineered in warehouses hence, their material might vary slightly. However, most of the quartz countertops contains on an average 90% natural quartz grains. The remaining 10% contains pigments and polymers to add colours and smooth elegance in these countertops.

Following is a quick overview on different types of quartz worktops:

  • Artico (plain brilliant white)
  • Bianco Grigio (white with small grey flecks)
  • Biscotti (Beige with mirror fleck)
  • Crema Pearla (Cream with pearls)
  • Sabbia (Plain cream)
  • Grigio Luminoso (Grey with mirror fleck)
  • Nero Metallo (Black with zinc metal)
  • Rossi Luminoso (Red with mirror fleck)

This is just a glimpse of popular quartz countertops that are distinguished on the basis of their colour and shades. We can also provide other types of quartz worktops on the basis of quartz content, polymers and brand name. Silestone and caesarstone are two popular options in quartz countertops these days for contemporary interiors and we have numerous options in these two magnificent stones.

We understand that what value does your kitchen interior holds for you, this is the reason we provide 100% genuine yet quality products to our homeowners.

Cleaning quartz worktops is easier than eating a piece of cake

Unlike to other kitchen countertops you do not have to sweat out on its cleaning chores. Moreover, you also need not to be selective on cleaning solutions. All you need is mild cleaning solutions and soft scrub to clean your quartz worktop.

Quartz worktops prices. Enjoy affordability with durability

We understand that purchasing a kitchen worktop is one big ticket expenses and we advise you to research the market efficiently to find the best. It is true that quartz worktops are bit expensive as compared to other pre-fabricated countertops. But if you are a true admirer of quartz kitchen tops then you can understand its qualities and elegance justifies its cost.

You can even read the quartz worktops reviews on our testimonial page to explore more about quartz countertops. Moreover, if you are ambiguous on quartz or granite worktops then let us assist you in deciding the best.

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