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Blue Pearl Granite Worktop

A lovely blue pearlesent granite worktop

Granite is one natural stone that is found in abundance and is used for several purposes. Among all available shades of granite blue colour is rare and expensive. But if you are looking for affordable option in this family of blue granite then Blue pearl granite is a perfect choice. As it does not reflect the true blue coloured characteristics but it is elegant in its own way. At Granite4Less you will find this granite in different shades and prices. Moreover we are the only granite supplier in UK that can give you best affordable range in blue coloured granite.

Colour Description

Granite4Less exports this Blue pearl granite all the way from Norway where it is found in abundance. The appearance of this granite stone is slightly different from its name as it is elegantly exhibits the silver or metallic blue on its surface instead true blue colour. The chemical composition of blue pearl granite is rich in two minerals quartz and mica that are also responsible for enhancing the pearlescent sheen on its surface when it comes out after commercial polishing.

It also has different kind of veining pattern on its surface as in intact form that is usually not found in other colours of granite stone. White, gray, blue gray and black are some of the shades that you will find on its surface in the form of flecks.

Colour Variation

It is true that no two pieces of granite stone are found to be same in colour and shade so if you are looking for variety in Blue pearl granite then Granite4Less has several different shades in this category. At our store you will find some Blue pearl granite closer to silver stone while other reflect more of blue colour.

At Granite4Less we offer three different and popular shades in the category of blue pearl granite namely; Blue Pearl GT, Marina Pearl and Royal Blue. Additionally if you want to mute the pearlescent look of your Blue pearl granite then we provide honing service as well that enhance its blue colour and pearlescent characteristics will be muted. However, there are a few drawbacks of honing as it will highlight the fissures and natural flaws of the stone in its matte finish that polishing can easily hide.

Blue pearl granite is one appreciable choice in granite stone if you are looking for pearly and darker blue shades running through a single piece of the slab.

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