Absolute Nero Granite Worktop

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We have been very pleased with the service we have recieved from granite4less. The worktops are lovely and although it took slightly longer than originally stated to install them , we are more than happy with the finished result. The fitters were helpful and friendly and did everything asked of them, Thankyou!

Jamie Neal, Kent

Absolute Nero Granite Worktop

This is a lovely Nero Absolute Granite Worktop

When it comes to elegance and uniqueness then no stone can match the beauty of absolute Nero granite stone. You will find several kinds of black coloured granite In the market but if you are an admirer of true black granite then absolute Nero will be your only choice. Even in terms of price there are numerous categories under that you will find all kinds of black granite. As a smart homeowner if you are looking for cost effective option in granite yet elegant then on this criteria the better choice is Absolute Nero.


All the granite stones have a same line of production and follow the same natural protocol under that magmatic lava that is the main manufacturing ingredient. Brazil is one place that is popular for several kinds of granite colours but among all absolute Nero tops the list as it is readily found in its quarries. Even you will find several ranges in absolute Nero in terms of shades and veining patterns that differentiate one piece of granite from other. Like other granite stone absolute nero is also belong to the class of intrusive igneous rocks that is formed due to the intrusion of volcanic magma inside the pre-existing layers of the rocks.

Colour Scheme

Absolute Nero is finding from medium to coarse grain in texture and contains absolute black coloured pigments underneath that are further lined by silver and grey coloured specks on surface. The specks and the veining pattern of absolute Nero differentiate it from its other types of black coloured granite. The main ingredient that is responsible for its absolute black colour is K-feldspar that is found in its chemical arrangement.


Absolute Nero granite is considered for wide purposes from internal to external decoration. But it is commonly used for kitchen worktops and floor tiles due to its sturdiness and ultra glossy finish.

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