Experts of Kitchen Worktops of UK on Corian Repair!

Chipping and cracks takes away the beauty of worktops and if it is on corian counters then definitely it will upset you. Moreover it is just not about the elegance but these cracks can also damage the corian slabs when water and other liquid consumables enter through these cracks inside countertop and cause harm to plywood and cabinetry underneath. Joint sealant is one recommended option by the dealers of kitchen worktops in UK to repair the cracks of corian countertops as they come in several colours so select the best matching shade as per your corian countertop.



Repair Instructions!

1. First of all clean the entire surface of corian counter by using the damp piece of cloth and if it contains any stains then remove it by using the ammonia based cleaner. Now clean down the cracked area by using the cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol because any dust or debris can hinder its repair.

2. Use the fine grit sandpaper to sand down the crack area as it will help you to improve its visibility but make sure you do not sand the surrounding area of the crack as it will damage the polished surface.

 Repair Kit

Repair Kit

3. For better assistance and to make your repair an easy task buy the corian repair kit from any home improvement or kitchen worktops dealer. You will find the joint sealant or epoxy resin in the kit use it as per the instruction manual given inside the kit. Make sure you buy the sealant matching to your corian countertop’s colour otherwise repair will be highlighted that make it look ugly.

4. Use the applicator provided in the kit or any soft brush to apply the epoxy on the cracks. Once you will fill the epoxy then smooth it down and immediately remove the excess epoxy from nearby area.

5. Leave your countertop for air dry for a few hours and once it completely dried then again sand down the filled cracks by using the ultra fine sandpaper to smooth down the repaired area.

6. Again apply the fine and smooth layer of epoxy on the cracks and leave it for air dry.

Corian Worktops

Corian Worktops

7. In final step clean the entire countertop by using the damp piece of cloth and if you find any leftover dried epoxy then gently remove it by using the putty knife or razor.

These are some of the tips by the experts of kitchen worktops of UK to repair the corian counters.

2 thoughts on “Experts of Kitchen Worktops of UK on Corian Repair!

  1. Hi, I have mistakenly placed a hot pot on my corian kitchen worktop which left a 20cm white ring mark. Can the mark be sanded off and how much would it cost to repair it? How much would I have to pay if it cannot be sanded off? Thanks.

    • Hi Nicholas sorry to hear about your Corian its one of the reasons we recommend for worktops – granite or quartz . to answer your question , dependant on how much the heat, has etched/ MARKED its self into the WORKTOPS if only on the surface , then it would be easy enough to get out , if you have the right sander and pads. if the heat mark is deeper then it is possible to polish out and refill , if you can buy some repair material from corian. I think Whitehall fabrications in Yorkshire are the main people in the county

      hope this help :)

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