Blue pearl granite: flooring ideas

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Blue pearl granite is another name that rules in the mind of granite lovers. It has opalescent specks of blue, silver and white colour that give shimmering display when light reflects back on its surface. It is quite suitable for flooring and countertops because of its variegated nature that makes it ideal choice for this purpose and is easily available among all granite worktops suppliers in UK.



When you think about the stone for flooring then you make sure that it should be hard, durable and do not frequently show dust or debris. Moreover it must be easy to clean and maintain. Trust me you will find all these qualities in blue pear granite stone.

Composition of granite

The chemical composition of granite varies extensively as per their geographical location but still there are some basic compounds like feldspar, quartz and silica that always found in every chunk of granite no matter from where it is been quarried.

Flooring ideas

Blue Pearl Fllor

Blue Pearl Floor

Here are some of the flooring ideas for using Blue Pearl or any other granite stone:

1. Granite stone comes in both choices slab and tiles so whatever you decide for flooring depends on the space where you want to do the flooring. If you have some large spaces like foyers, grandiose rooms and hallways as in mansions and condos then slabs will be perfect as it give more clean and elegant look.

2. But for smaller spaces like kitchen or bathroom you can definitely trust on tiles as they will really compliment the interiors. Moreover you can make some good designing with tiles in cost effective manner.

3. If you do not prefer uniform look in your flooring design then it would be better if you give a dispersed look by using the blue pearl granite in your ground floor kitchen and then as vanity top in your second floor bathroom. Even you can use some other complementing granite along blue pearl in the same room.



4. Parquet designs, subway style, checkerboard pattern and medallions are some of the styles that you can choose for your flooring if you are considering granite tiles. But this choice depends on the overall d├ęcor of your house.

5. Another idea is to use the borders and accents along your blue pearl granite. This will give a unique and cost effective look to your interiors.


If you want to explore some more decorative ideas with granite stone then you should visit the stores of granite worktops suppliers in UK.


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